Tara Herrick

Her motto: "Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets"- Oscar Wilde

Her favorite food & wine pairing: Al Pastor Street Tacos and Rosé Champagne

Chief Marketing Officer


Certified Sommelier

Tara Herrick is a certified Sommelier currently studying for her advanced certificate. Her love for wine and food began at the age of 17, where she moved to Cannes, France, for a year and was exposed to many different types of cuisines, dishes, and wine.


After returning from her year abroad, she studied Anthropology at San Francisco State University. For Tara, wine and Anthropology have a lot in common. When studying wine, one must look at geography, winemakers, vineyards, and grape varieties, but history and culture have a lot to do with understanding a wine region as well.


Tara had worked in restaurants since she was 18 and began to focus on wine when she worked at the Press Club wine bar in San Francisco. From there, she worked at Tres Sabores winery in Napa, CA, where she ran the tasting room, wine club, and events. Once returned to San Francisco, she worked at Arlequin Wine Merchant managing the wine club program. Following Arlequin, she took the Beverage Director & Floor Manager position at Dirty Water for three years allowing her to manage the extensive by the glass program.