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Some media highlights featuring the OMvino team!

Pinchforth Web

Tara Herrick: Utilizing Virtual Events as a Marketing Tool Post-Pandemic

May 2021

After speaking to Tara Herrick, we found out a lot more about how virtual events have been used in the last year, especially with food and beverage brands. Tara elaborated on these events as a marketing tool now and once the pandemic has subsided. The key is to find a way to make them exciting. 


Paris Wine Girl Podcast

Episode 06 - Jennifer Estevez 

February 2021

Jennifer shares her journey into wine and path into entrepreneurship by way of San Fransisco's and New York City's fine dining and wine  scene. 

She shares her advise for sommeliers and other wine professionals thinking about starting their own business. She emphasis importance of self-care and balance in the process. 


Men's Journal

Orange Wine Is the Unofficial Drink of Spring and Summer. Try These 5 Bottles


February 2021

If you’re a casual wine drinker, you may be sleeping on orange wine. To get you up to speed, no oranges go into producing this wine. (It’s an actual question the vino experts get). Also, orange wine isn’t technically it’s own type of wine; it’s a color of wine, and its hue can range from pale yellow to copper to highlighter orange.She shares her advise for sommeliers and other wine professionals thinking about starting their own business. She emphasis importance of self-care and balance in the process. 


Nation's Restaurant News

Self-care isn’t selfish: How beverage professionals can foster a healthier work environment


February 2021

“With many restaurants, you get razor-thin margins, overworked staff and a host of other problems, which creates an unstable environment, fiscally and emotionally, for the business and employees,” said Jen Estevez, founder and CEO of OMVino, a creative marketing and communications agency. 


Wine Advisor

SommCon Hosts Managing Career Uncertainty Webinar

June 2020

COVID-19 has created a great deal of uncertainty in the sommelier community. Many things remain unclear such as if wine programs will be the same or if restaurants will have servers and sommeliers both working on the floor. During part two of the Managing Career Uncertainty webinar series, participants learn career-planning strategies that are useful for anyone in the wine business.


The Counter Chronicles Podcast

Jennifer Estevez -- sommelier, CEO and founder of OMvino


January 2021

Jennifer Estevez is the founder of Omvino, a marketing and consulting company, she founded to help wineries, restaurants, startups and others in the hospitality industry.  Jennifer is a CMS advanced sommelier and was consulting for restaurants, when she...

CLIENTS in the news

Updates on what's happening with the OMvino team!


Bionic Wines x Double Lucky Number 8


February 2021


An interesting term.

Luck is extremely subjective, personable, and relative. There are many definitions of luck, starting with the cliche one “when preparation meets opportunity” – not sure how that would apply for example, in the case when the brick is accidentally falling off the roof of the building and missing your head by the quarter of an inch. Or when you win the lottery. When you miss your train and meet the love of your life – what kind of luck is that? Okay, let’s not get hung up on the research of the true meaning of “luck” as this is not the goal of this post.

Updates on what's happening with the OMvino team!
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Robb Report - Bionic Wines
Here’s How to Be First to Get the Newest Wine From One of Washington’s Most Coveted Winemakers

April, 2021

For years, a cheery yellow storefront in historic downtown Walla Walla, labeled in large letters “Cayuse,” was a source of smoldering frustration for many wine lovers and of considerable reward for others. The problem was that the charming tasting room was never open to the general public—no dropping in for a few sips of Washington’s most elusive wines. But for the patient few with the stamina to outlast the Cayuse Vineyards Waiting List (at last reckoning, that would be some eight or nine years) and land on the Customer Mailing List, the small shop welcomed them one weekend a year during Cayuse Weekend, when they could pick up their coveted allocation of Rhône-style wines that founder Christophe Baron had made the stuff of legend (and earned a few perfect 100-point scores for).