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Hello Dear Friends,  The ŌMvino team has been busy, incredibly busy. COVID-19 has been a time of profound changes, projects, and new clients. We are excited to introduce two new clients who bring us projects that are fun, exciting, and challenging. 

New Clients... Meet Lytle-Barnett, one of the most incredible sparkling wine producers, not only nationally, but internationally. Truly Vintage Champenoise Méthode sparkling wine made in Willamette Valley Oregon with the maturity, decadence, and freshness that can rival any grower champagne made today. We stand behind that statement. To learn about Lytle-Barnett, you can find their website HERE, IG HERE, and FB HERE. We are genuinely excited to be working with wines from the Willamette Valley as this is a region much admired for their diversity, comradery, investments in maintaining unity, and making Oregon stronger as a wine-producing region. We LOOOOVE the love that's happening here!  Our next highlight is Xander Soren, a brilliant man with a fierce palate. Xander has been working on a newer project that brings him to explore vineyards in California, sourcing only the best lots. His brand will be hitting the market soon, but until then, we are offering a bit of a teaser for all of you fans of old world influenced California wines.

Upcoming Events:  Weed & Wine by Canopy; The frontier of the billion-dollar cannabis market is surprisingly and rapidly moving into the world of wine. Cannabis appellations are officially here, growers are learning their terroir, and scientists are using quantum mechanics to officiate O.G. varietal typicities. Whether you're a ganja connoisseur, an up-and-coming Somm, or forward-thinking into future cannabis business, we have quite the special talk for you. We will cover the five cannabis effect types, new ways of quality lab testing, terpenes, new terms for cannabis, and shopping methods closer to wine than weed. Join us for a discussion with Advanced Wine Sommelier, Jen Estevez, and our friend from the Trichome Institute, Cannabis Sommelier Max Montrose, as we dive into the basics of purchasing and enjoying weed, pairings and answer any of your questions.

Date And Time Thu, July 9, 2020, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT

At ŌMvino, we are always looking for ways to raise the voices of those in the industry. If you are a Server, Bartender, Porter, Barback, Executive Chef, Sommelier, or Dishwasher, Vineyard Worker, Cellarhand or Floor Manager, you are an essential part of a team that could not exist to the degree that it does if it weren't for your position and your hard work & perseverance. We want to raise your voice and hear from you, that is why we have created an anonymous submission form that will allow us to pick your brains and include your thoughts in our newsletters that hit thousands of inboxes across the U.S., particularly of those in or 'in support of' the hospitality industry. We want to hear from you...Yeah, YOU!  We would like to know your opinion on where you think the industry is going after COVID-19? Please click HERE to submit your thoughts. We'll highlight some of the most interesting opinions in the next newsletter.  In Solidarity,  The ŌMvino Team

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