Director of Strategy 

Jeanette has over 18 years of significant experience in top general and financial management positions with responsibility for operations, strategic planning, business development, sales, marketing, mergers, investor relations, and treasury functions. She has both corporate, start-up, and restructuring experience for international companies. She has worked in private equity, TPG Capital, in San Francisco and wealth management in Singapore before continuing her career into Fintech companies, which includes Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. She has successfully helped in fundraising efforts of over 100 million USD and has been with several start-up companies from inception to exits at various stages in the U.S. and Asia. She has strong leadership skills combined with team-oriented style to generate significant contributions to results, as well as, working alongside C-level Fortune 500 executives, board members, management team and outside professionals. Her passion is entrepreneurship and startups. 


She can speak Vietnamese and Cambodian fluently, and currently, learning Hebrew. She is heavily involved in non-profit/social impact work and is currently on a few boards to help inspire young entrepreneurs. She is also working on a social impact enterprise to help the billions of unbanked globally.


Her passions outside of her professional and non-profit work include her love for fine wines (WSET certified), spirits, gastronomy cuisine, cooking, baking, and entertaining guests. She has traveled the world and befriended many in the F&B industry as these experiences are part of the enjoyment of life! She helps to consult in the industry and regularly attends the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, amongst other industry events, to support the industry. Her most recent venture was creating FNB.LIVE to help provide a platform to drive more businesses to the F&B industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and to continue on as a marketing platform globally for the F&B industry, which now is part of the parent company of OMvino.


You may view her LinkedIn for more information:

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