Wild Beast


Tohopka (Toe-Hop-Kuh) means “wild Beast” in Hopi.  She is a rescued Germusky (German Shepherd/Husky mix) from southern California. Tohopka has traveled extensively, crossing the continent thrice with her Sommeliére human. From skijoring in -30-degree weather in northern Alaska, climbing glaciers in Juneau, hurdling large driftwood on the PNW coast to camping the desert in Joshua Tree National Park, she has traveled more than most Americans and visited more vineyards than many floor Somms.


Tohopka loves cold weather, buttered toast, and pizza crust… when her human shares and will trample a small child if it means getting her paws on any type of jerky. She loves placing her nose ever so gently in the groin upon meeting cats, sassing back when its highly inappropriate, and attempting to corral small children in hopes that her human will let her bring one home. She isn’t scared of horses, will challenge a moose nose to nose, and will conduct the occasional varmint eradication when it is also highly inappropriate. If you would like to keep up on Tohopka’s adventures, follow her @tohopka_husky