Where to eat and drink in San Francisco for Pride 2022


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Where to eat and drink in San Francisco for Pride 2022

The San Francisco Pride Parade is happening Sunday, June 26th this year! 

You know this “post-covid” (we use that term very lightly) event is going to be completely over the top and last all weekend long so here is a fabulous list of LGBTQ+ friendly eateries and drinkeries in SF that will keep the party going! 

We have noted which have outside dining because we want you to stay healthy out there.

Decant SF


Outside Seating Available

DecantSF is mid-market’s local wine shop, owned by Cara & Simi, two wine professionals who quit the biz to pursue their dream of having an accessible, non-complicated, drink what you like, wine bar! And we are so glad they followed that dream. Decant is part wine shop, part bar, part wine education and they are more than ready to introduce you to your new favorite wine variety. Their favorite phrase “drink for yourself” is highlighted in neon right when you walk in, indicating that they are a safe space for free minded drinkers. 



Nestled into the hustle and bustle of the Mission district, Itria is perfecting the pasta and crudo game. Fresh fish crudos done with modern techniques are a must to start the meal. Then come the absolute stand-outs, the pastas. Chef Daniel, of AL’s Place and Cotogna, has become the master. Each house-made pasta is new and interesting but with a familiarity that brings you to a warm and comforting place, somewhere in a pasta cloud of happiness. And when you look out onto the walls, you’ll find the most stunning artwork done by Itria’s own Sous Chef, Angela de la Cruz, an artist and chef whose work will sweep you off your feet.

Zuni Cafe


Outside Seating Available

Zuni is, undoubtedly, a San Francisco staple. Their roasted chicken with bread salad is a masterpiece of cookery. There are a million reasons to eat at Zuni but we appreciate them most for their dedication and vocalization about local and national issues. While most restaurants deliberately stay out of politics to try and please the masses, Zuni boldly takes a stance against social injustices. Their “Bakers Against Racism” pastry box and “Bake Sale for our AAPI Community” sold out within minutes. A restaurant using its platform to bring awareness to important issues is just another reason to love Zuni Cafe.

Canela Bistro & Wine Bar


Outside Seating Available

This Castro restaurant has stood the test of time as many places around them have opened and closed, Canela Bistro has held steady, and for good reason. They are loved for their Spanish tapas, pintxos, and excellent wine list of albrariños, garnachas, and lesser-known varieties from the Basque Country. Check out their pre-fixe menus that tie in with SF Gay Men’s Chorus shows as well as musical-theater openings.

Humphry Slocombe


Outside Seating Available

Sean and Jake, creators of Humphry Slocombe, first opened their wild ice cream concept with whimsical flavors like Secret Breakfast, a boozy pint of bourbon-spiked ice cream with a cornflake cookie crunch. These unique flavors, which they are now known for, were a way for them to express themselves creatively in every way. And we are so glad they did! Even better is that this June, ice cream goers can create their own Pride Sundae with two scoops of any ice cream, a sprinkling of edible glitter, Froot Loops, and a puff of homemade cotton candy. ⁠Count us in.

Pinhole Coffee


Outside Seating Available

Year round, Pinhole Coffee boasts its pride flag and adorable rainbow take-away cups! This small but mighty coffee shop in Bernal Heights has been a safe-space for anyone and everyone since its opening in 2014. Female POC and LGBTQ owned, Pinhole is making waves beyond coffee and hopes to empower other individuals to stand-up and stand-out from the crowd. During the entire month of June, Pinhole is matching 10% of its sales to donate to local LGBTQ+ organizations LYRIC SF and APIENC.


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