Tips: How to do Public Relations


minute to read.

minutes to read.

Tips: How to do Public Relations

Public Relations in a few words...


the right message to the right person


the quality of the audience above the quantity


your community in a sustainable way

We do not pay the journalist to write about your product! We earn it by persuading our external or internal audiences via unpaid methods. We convince your target through media channels, promote your values &support your achievement.

To summarize...

Why use PR?

To shape your image and your reputation through the media channels so you can create customer loyalty.

PR is about creating a narrative, shaping your brand image by telling a tale. From your data, PR professionals create content and deliver it to your target.

About results:

PR is not an exact science - it is very hard to quantify.

We can

  • Measure how many articles were written by journalists
  • Estimate how many people read them

We can't

  • calculate if it increases your sales or your customer's loyalty

PR is a constant work in progress.


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