Standing In Solidarity


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Standing In Solidarity

Hello friends,

At ŌMvino are always looking for ways to raise the voices of those in the industry. If you are a Server, Bartender, Porter, Barback, Executive Chef, Sommelier, or Dishwasher, Vineyard Worker, Cellar Hand or Floor Manager,  you are an essential part of a team that could not exist to the degree that it does if it weren’t for your position and your hard work & perseverance. We want to raise your voice and hear from you, that is why we have created an anonymous submission form that will allow us to pick your brain and include your thoughts in our newsletters that hit thousands of inboxes across the U.S., particularly of those in or ‘in support of’ the hospitality industry. We want to hear from you...Yeah, YOU!

We would like to know your opinion on where you think the industry is going after COVID-19? Please click HERE to submit your thoughts. We’ll highlight some of the most interesting opinions in the next newsletter.

Everyday the ŌMvino team is learning, changing, adapting, and growing as a collective and as individuals. Through the Black Lives Matter movement, we are learning how to be better, how to support our POC communities, businesses, and cohorts more. We are learning how to raise our voices in solidarity to fight for and protect the rights of a race or peoples who have been oppressed by centuries of systemic racism.

We can support by reaching out our hands to those here, in our backyards. We would like to highlight a list of black-owned wineries for you to explore and support. For a broader list of wineries and brands that you can support, please click HERE.

House of MandelaWachira WinesBrown EstateAbbey Creek VineyardAntonio Valdez Wines

Davidson Wine CoEdelheiss WineFree Range Flower WinerySeven Sisters VineyardTwenty Ten Wines ⁠

Don’t forget to sign your business up to, a charity project by the ŌMvino team that helps direct traffic nationally to any establishment that is offering food or beverage To-go, curbside, or delivery. All one has to do is sign up and their services instantly become visible via an online map. Please share the website with your chef / restaurant owner friends and your favorite neighborhood fixtures. We want everyone to be successful?

Upcoming Events:

Join a Canopy series on the future of cannabis. Cannabis farmers and the government are becoming aware of the reality that cannabis is as sophisticated as wine on multiple levels. The first-ever lawful cannabis appellations have been proposed, the cannabis community is deciding how to define its terroir, and scientists are mapping the typicity of the "OG types". Trichome Institute trains and certifies cannabis Sommeliers, is at the spearhead of this evolving movement and will provide the full lowdown on these topics. Click HERE to join.

Wed, June 17, 20203:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT

In Solidarity,

The ŌMvino Team


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