OMvino is keeping hospitality open while the doors are closed


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OMvino is keeping hospitality open while the doors are closed

All-veteran hospitality team turned to strategic & creative marketing to provide new opportunities to a growing industry that’s facing new challenges.

Bringing the community together and making hospitality happen in this challenging time is OMvino’s daily mission.  With its concept of “Digital Mise en Place” - hospitality lingo for "putting everything in its place” - OMvino is focusing all its efforts on helping the food & beverage industry to thrive and overcome the digital transformation and to reinvent hospitality services in a flawless and secured way.                                                                                                             
This team of digital nomads led by Jennifer Estevez, CMS Advanced Sommelier has seen unprecedented growth for the company as they welcome a new feature in their business model unseen before in any other modern marketing agency: an Affiliate Sommelier program. The goal is to reinforce their collective expertise by partnering with major industry leaders in wine, hospitality, and business. With this new and unending talent pool, OMvino has the opportunity to provide its clients with distinct advantages; insider trade knowledge, business relationships, and authentic consumer connections with a team of experts with strong hospitality backgrounds. To initiate this, OMvino is honored to recently welcome on their board the Master Sommelier Morgan Harris who contributes meaningfully to new business narratives and strategies while growing the OMvino client portfolio. Among the rest of this executive team of rockstars, we find Matt Montrose, Director of Business Development & CMS Advanced Sommelier, Tara Herrick, Director of Marketing & CMS Certified Sommelier, Lelanea Fulton, Director of Clients Acquisition & CMS Certified Sommelier, Woody van Horn, Director of Operations & CMS Certified Sommelier. Discover the rest of the team and the Affiliates listed on OMvino’s website.

As we all know, the industry is facing some great challenges in these unprecedented times. To help the hospitality world to overcome these new hurdles, OMvino introduces FNB live - the new groundbreaking platform for online tastings that enable you to follow the greatest Chefs, Sommeliers, and Mixologists worldwide - all of this from the comfort of your home. FNB Live (which stands for “food & beverage”) features a website that was brought to life in light of a global pandemic as an initiative to host gatherings in a context that makes us feel connected when we are distant. Understanding that in-person experiences such as wine tastings, beverage seminars, or culinary instruction will unlikely be the same format for the foreseeable future, OMvino is leading the change towards digitalization with this revolutionary platform.

Further in line with these values, OMvino reinforces community engagement with a brand new monthly digital event called “Shift Drinks”. For people familiar with the food & beverage industry, this name is associated with a rather positive connotation, reminiscent of that period of time after a grueling work shift, when one can enjoy a well-deserved drink with a colleague whilst debating about life, work, and any other great pieces of conversation that might bright to the table over enjoying a stiff drink... The first edition features an important current subject that matters to all of us: “the future of female & minority empowerment in the food & beverage industry”. The goal is to enable open conversations surrounding the daily challenges that minorities and females working in this industry are confronted with., with the intent on imagining systems that support these often marginalized groups This event will take place on Friday, September 25th from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm PST (12:30-1:15 pm EST).  

Find out more along with registration information on the OMvino socials channels @omvino.

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As per our Founder Jennifer Estevez, “Change is never conceived in our comfort zone. It’s quite often at moments of great pain or discomfort we discover in ourselves that we are capable of far greater growth than we ever imagined. 2020, bring it on.”


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