Making it Through to 2021


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minutes to read.

Making it Through to 2021

Well, the year is almost over, and if you are reading this, we hope you are surviving, thriving, growing, and figuring out how to refine your hustle every day. 2020 will forever live in our minds as the year of pivots; with twists, turns, bumps, and potholes on the road to success and a similar roadmap potentially ahead for 2021. Many of our friends and colleagues in the restaurant industry are out of business, temporarily shut down, again, or personally on furlough. With little state or federal aid immediately accessible as politicians continue to haggle ineffectual stimulus packages, many small business owners and individuals are urgently looking for non-traditional options. The good news is that there are many, but you need to know how to look for what you need.

The positive side of this whole messy year is that during times of change and uncertainty we have more time than ever to think about what we really want, need, and take the steps necessary to achieve our business goals. Of course, we could get lost in the uncertainty and stand frozen, but searching for a higher purpose is much more poignant.  We encourage everyone to use the second round of the pandemic to remember their power, leave the self-doubt behind, step towards their dreams, and take a moment to assess where they would like to be. Despite many challenges, many success stories have also come out of ex-restaurateurs and food and beverage industry workers exiting the industry during this time.  Even those of our comrades who are now tremendously successful all started off with a dream and idea and turned it into a reality.

You can create or re-create your world and success.

The question is are you willing to plan the steps and put in the hard work to get there? Are you willing to be surprised and flexible if it doesn’t all quite go how you planned.

With money being an extremely limiting factor for both new and prospective new business owners, in the current economic crisis what are options for finding start-up or temporary funding assistance for your business?

We have a few thoughts & resources to share for both potential business owners and current business owners.

General Thoughts

New Business Owners:

First and foremost, put your business plan together. Ask for help if you need it; there are many new business/startup mentorship groups available.

Do research on similar companies that you align with or admire to drive your inspiration. Take time to write up your mission statement, think about how you will develop your product or services, and define how you will make your success. The power of the internet is vast and growing EVERYDAY, use the power of google. There are templates for everything including business plans at the tips of your fingers. Don’t be discouraged.

Current Business Owners:


New Businesses & Start-Ups:

FedEx Small Business Grant

Nav’s “Legitify Your Small Business” Grant

Eileen Fisher Grant Program

Small Business Innovation Research Program

Caleb Brown Urban Entrepreneur’s Community Grant

USDA Rural Development Business Grants

Female Owned:

InnovateHER Women Business Challenge

The Amber Grant

Open Meadows Foundation

POC & Minority:

The Minority Business Development Agency

Verizon Small Business Recovery Fund grant

The Native American Business Development Institute (NABDI) Grant

The National Minority Supplier Development Council's Business Consortium Fund

We will continue to update the document with grants & resources as they become available.


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