Press Relations &

Social Media Specialist

Born and raised between Bordeaux and Basque Country, Alice Delineau is a French press relations and social media specialist, undeniable gourmand and world traveler. Fed by what she considers being the best terroir in France, she always had a huge interest in food and beverage. 


Her motto “Manges, tu ne sais pas qui te mangera !” literally translates to “Eat, you don’t know what will eat you”

Alice completed a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Information management in Bordeaux. After spending a year in Sweden studying marketing strategies on sustainable eating at Lund University, she decided to carry on with international experiences. Alice traveled to Sydney, Australia to finish her master degree at UNSW in Digital Marketing. During this time, she discovered a brand new terroir with Australian and New Zealand wines that she really appreciated. But adventure called again. Alice moved to New York City, where she worked as an Assistant Event Manager at the food and beverage marketing agency Sopexa. She spent a year there, traveling all around the US to promote French products through walk around tastings and trade shows. Writing her thesis focusing on North America go-to-market strategies of European products at the same time, she graduated with Master's degree in Digital Marketing in September 2019.

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