OMvino is the result of synergy; it was created by the efforts of two young women who combine 30 years’ cumulative experience in restaurants & hospitality with a lifetime passion for fitness & yoga.

Jennifer Estevez & Aubrey Terrazas, both Advanced Sommeliers, wore many hats during their time as restaurant managers & wine directors. Jennifer began consulting for local beverage programs and developing creative marketing and social media strategies under OMvino, while Aubrey began curating direct to consumer events and writing wine articles under the brand Venn Club.  The friends layered their skills and supported one another’s endeavors until eventually merging their efforts in late 2017. The two women began taking on a variety of projects; planning public and promotional events, consulting for wine programs & wine applications, developing brands, and spearheading the social media for exceptional Bay Area businesses.

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Tara Herrick is a certified sommelier studying for her advanced. Her love for wine and food began at the age of 17 where she moved to Cannes, France for a year and was exposed to many different types of cuisines, dishes and wine. 
After returning from her year abroad, she studied Anthropology at San Francisco State University.  For Tara, wine and Anthropology have a lot in common. When studying wine, one must look at geography, wine makers, vineyards, and grape varieties, but history and culture have a lot to do with understating a wine region as well. 
Tara has worked in restaurants since she was 18 and really began to focus in wine when she worked at Press Club wine bar in San Francisco. From there she worked at Tres Sabores winery in Napa, CA where she ran the tasting room, wine club and events. After moving back from Napa after a year she worked at Arlequin Wine Merchant in San Francisco running the wine club program and from there she moved on and became the beverage director and floor manager at Dirty Water for three years where she ran an extensive by the glass program.

Tara Herrick

Operations Manager

Jennifer Estevez is an Advanced Sommelier Studying for her Master Sommelier diploma. Originally from Pittsburgh PA, she moved to Tucson Arizona for a year and worked at Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain where she found her passion for wine and hospitality. After a year in the desert Jennifer relocated to San Francisco where her wine journey truly began. Jennifer worked her way through top restaurants and wine bars such as Press Club, RN74, Epic Steak, Michael Mina, Keiko a Nob Hill and Hashiri.  In 2015 while still working full time as a sommelier and wine buyer at Keiko a Nob Hill, Jennifer began taking on consulting projects for restaurants and small businesses. Jennifer expanded her skill set and began to take on a varieties of different projects, such as consulting on full restaurant openings, beverage program creation/development, marketing, social media management, promotional events, and PR. As a highly driven individual, saying yes to a variety of new projects and challenges became an inspiration for her. After consulting on three new restaurant openings in 2016 and winning a Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Award for the list she created at Sushi Hashiri Jennifer decided to create her own company; OMvino. OMvino is currently owned and operated by Jennifer with her business partner Aubrey Terrazas and specializes in food and beverage consulting, marketing, social media management, PR and event production.

Aubrey Terrazas

Owner/ Operator

Jennifer Estevez

Owner/ Operator 

At OMvino we strive to help businesses develop a unique voice and grow roots.

We create a bridge between modern day marketing and hospitality-driven food and beverage culture.  Our goal; to reach new markets and maximize customer experience with professionalism, poise, and just the right amount of edge.  We seek clients who are positive, productive, motivated and have a vision that aligns with ours.

Aubrey Terrazas is a fiercely curious Advanced Sommelier who is currently pursuing her Master Sommelier Diploma. Aubrey spent 15 years in the restaurant industry, acting as sommelier at RN74 & Jardiniere before curating an Award of Excellence-winning wine list at Michelin-starred Sons & Daughters, where she acted as Wine Director & General Manager. Aubrey’s drive to educate and engage led to a number of personal consultation projects and public wine events. In early 2017 the culmination of such projects manifested through her company Venn Club- a wine events and travel platform that emphasizes discovery through articles, guides and interactive events. Later that year, she joined forces with her current business partner Jennifer Estevez at OMvino, combining their events and consultant efforts into a streamlined social media and marketing platform for food and beverage companies. In addition to operating the company together, together they are the primary wine buyers and importers for Palate Club and run a blog called PowerPairing. Aubrey practiced ballet for 15 years before becoming an avid yogini. She finished her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2009 before leading several teacher trainings, workshops, and advanced trainings. She is also a certified Reiki Healer, Personal Trainer, TRX instructor, and cycling instructor. She carries a BA in French from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she met her pastry-chef husband. Every day Aubrey pushes the boundaries of possibilities through a delicate balance of focus and ambition.